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Port of Auckland Congestion Charge

“An already fragile situation at the Port of Auckland was highlighted by the unfortunate tragedy of a straddle driver fatality late August. The accident saw operations at the port come to a temporary halt, this combined with Ports of Auckland Ltd working on several projects to ensure future growth of the port – including the partial automation of Fergusson Container Terminal. This large and complex project, which could take up to 12 months to fully optimise, has seen a yard capacity reduction of between 20% to 30%. Other factors such as the changes the way Port of Auckland managed their Vehicle Booking System (VBS), delays and changes of vessel schedules due to weather conditions in North Asia all played a part in creating a “perfect storm”

Unfortunately, this situation has created a domino effect and is now affecting Tauranga / Metroport which is also dealing with congestion – currently can be up to 2 to 3 hours waiting time. The Container yards are also being affected and running over capacity and returning empty container is becoming difficult.

New Zealand’s largest container transport company Tapper Transport has now informed us that they will have to apply a Congestion Charge of $50 per container, for all POAL import/export containers effective as of 01/11/2018. While Tapper are not our main provider in Auckland, we expect other transport companies to follow suit.

The charge was announced as a temporary measure, Henning Harders New Zealand will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with timely news updates. Please talk to your Key Account Manager at Henning Harders if your supply chain is affected.

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