Contract Logistics

In the last 40 years Henning Harders New Zealand has grown from a freight forwarding company and customs brokerage to a leading trade consultancy and experienced one-stop provider of complex international supply chains.

As your contract logistics partner, our experienced staff can manage all aspects of your supply chain: transportation of your goods, clearance, storage and warehousing, inventory and value added services. We act on your behalf and as a part of your operations, thus allowing you to focus on your core business and your clients instead of supply chain issues.

To achieve maximum supply chain efficiency, we draw on our in-depth understanding of a wide range of industries to analyse and optimise your supply chain holistically: we look at your partners and vendors, we benchmark your systems and processes, we consider your specific cost and service requirements and take into account all relevant import / export regulations and trade agreements. 

We manage your supply chain on your behalf and in line with your specific processes

Our contract logistics services match your specific requirements:

  • Design, management, control and continuous optimisation of complex supply chains
  • Order Processing  and Vendor Management
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • Value-added Services
  • Organising the flow of goods from pick-up to delivery
  • State of the Art IT systems and data analysis

Advantages of having us as your contract logistics provider:

  • risk reduction and improved efficiency
  • we act on your behalf, as an extension of your business
  • allows you to focus on your core competence 
  • allows you to provide improved customer service
  • competitive advantage for your business
  • secure, consistent processes, making it easier to add new suppliers
  • increased speed to market
  • access to up-to date logistics software & tools
  • Information efficiency and data sharing between all stakeholders
  • access to our comprehensive data analytics and performance metrics
  • full visibility of your supply chain
  • decreased response times
  • access to competitive shipping rates due to our long standing arrangements with all major carriers
  • savings in terms of time and money
  • increased profitability

Are you looking for an experienced contract logistics partner?

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