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Our Story

A successful journey begins: in 1981, Brian Sewell launches Profile Global in Wellington, NZ.

The start of a successful voyage

After ten years in the customs and freight forwarding business, Brian Sewell launched his own logistics company, Profile Global in 1981. His vision was to build a company that delivered the smooth and timely import and export of goods to and from New Zealand. Critical to Brian’s plan was the value given to building productive relationships with clients, suppliers and agents. “Business is all about relationships, namely how to listen so as to understand the person’s needs and how you can offer them value”. It’s a principle that underpins the success of Profile Global. The company has continued to grow and win business by offering their clients innovative and flexible freight solutions as well as value-added services.

1991 Profile Global became the New Zealand Agent for Henning Harders Pty Ltd, a family-owned Australian International Freight Forwarding business. Over twenty years, this successful alliance grew stronger and stronger as both companies worked well together, sharing the same philosophies and business culture.

In 2010, Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd officially joined forces with Profile Global. A merger that provides Profile Global and its clients with increased economies of scale, improved market reach and shared expertise.

2015 Brian Sewell retires after 33 years with the company. Sonia Le Nigen-Brosnahan, who joined Profile Global in 1999, takes over the role of General Manager (NZ). 

Today, Profile Global operates under Henning Harders (New Zealand) Limited. The group has 2 offices in New Zealand, 4 in Australia and over 130 staff, many with decades of experience in the industry. Sonia Le Nigen-Brosnahan remains General Manager (NZ) – ensuring that clients and partners continue to benefit from the values and principles Brian has instilled in his company.

As a single service destination for New Zealand, Australia and the global market, we can ensure great flexibility and a wide range of market knowledge. Our specialist knowledge and cutting-edge systems are continually fine-tuned and developed for the best results..

Company Timeline

Henning Harders arrives in Sydney from Germany on the TS ESSEN.
German-born Henning Harders, 23 boards the turbine freighter “TS Essen” in Hamburg and sails 13,900 nautical miles (25,743km) to Sydney. Henning has been given an important task: his employer, a renowned German logistics company entrusts him with the set-up and management of their Australian office. He masters his task with great success, starting a long career in the logistics industry.
Henning Harders arrives in Sydney from Germany on the TS ESSEN.
1958 - 1987
Henning Harders works for large logistics companies all over the world, acquiring a vast amount of experience and professional knowledge. He also establishes an international partner network of reliable agents and operators.
Brian Sewell launches Profile Global in Wellington. The company continues to grow by offering flexible freight solutions and value added services.
Henning Harders Pty Ltd., international freight‑forwarding and customs‑brokerage, opens its doors in a small office in Sydney’s Margaret Street. At Henning’s side, his eldest son, 23‑year old Christian. Built on Henning’s vast experience and industry knowledge, the company soon earns a reputation for its exceptional service and customer relationships. The client list grows quickly. In fact, Henning Harders’ successful partnership with the chemical industry goes back to these early days of the company.
Profile Global becomes the New Zealand agent for Henning Harders – a successful alliance, to the benefit of both companies and their clients.
Sonia Le Nigen-Brosnahan, General Manager in New Zealand, joins Profile Global (today Henning Harders New Zealand).
The Melbourne office is opened. And as further proof of the business gaining momentum, Henning Harders becomes the go‑to logistics expert for some of Australia’s largest producers and importers of food and beverages.
Henning’s children become co‑owners of the company as part of a generational hand‑over.
Henning, aged 74, passes away, leaving his family with wise business advice: "Make friends and help people".
A growing client base, now including some of Australia’s most renowned retailers, leads to further business expansion – with offices in Brisbane, Orange and large‑scale consolidation warehouses in China.
Profile Global, with offices in Auckland and Wellington, and Henning Harders Australia join forces – a merger, which provides clients with better market reach and the combined expertise of both, Profile Global and Henning Harders.
Brian Sewell, founder of Profile Global, retires after 33 years with the company. Sonia Le Nigen-Brosnahan, takes over the General Manager role of Henning Harders (NZ).
Henning Harders Tradeline. Henning Harders acquires consulting, project and Break Bulk Specialist TradeLine Consulting Group. The HH Western Australian office opens in response to HH’s expansion into the mining industry.
The Henning Harders team develops a set of Company Values and the Company Mission: “To provide the best personalised international Supply Chain”.
Henning Harders is inducted in the FBA (Family Business Australia) Hall of Fame for outstanding contribution to the state’s economy and community.
Henning Harders is accredited with the coveted Australian Trusted Trader status by the Department of Home Affairs/Australian Border Force. To coincide with Henning Harders 30th anniversary, the number of employees grows to 130 staff.
Henning Harders Australia joins global logistics network WIN Logistics. This move further strengthens our global network and gives us and our clients access to the local expertise and knowledge of more than 9850 independent logistic specialists on all continents.
Specialist divisions “Harders Advisory” and “Harders Trade Management” are added to the Henning Harders Group.
Henning Harders moves history: 30 years after its fall, a 4.5 ton piece of the Berlin Wall is safely moved to its final destination.
As part of our inter-generational succession plan, Adrian Harders joins Henning Harders. Having spent 2 years with a large global logistics provider in Germany and several years at Henning Harders, Adrian has a wealth of industry experience and a keen drive for supply chain innovations. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management.
Henning Harders launches Harders Academy. In a sector, where the demand for skilled professionals is constantly growing, our in-house Academy provides logistics managers with the practical skills and knowledge to operate global supply chains successfully. Course topics include: dealing with complex logistics challenges, achieving supply chain efficiency, supply chain data analysis, staying on top of ever changing processes & regulations and supply chain digitisation.
Henning Harders adopts a Work from Home / Hybrid Work system. During Covid lockdowns and restrictions, this arrangement helped us maintain a safe and productive work environment for staff and customers. Today, our hybrid work system provides staff with more flexibility and better work-life balance – while continuing to deliver outstanding service quality for our clients.
After 5 years at Henning Harders and 4 years with KPMG Australia, Julian Harders joins Henning Harders in the role of Commercial Manager. Julian is a Chartered Account and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance.
2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2020 / 2021
For the fifth time, Henning Harders is the proud recipient of the “Best Supplier of Logistics” award. This award acknowledges our outstanding service for one of Australia’s largest beverages companies.
Michael Clague, National Operations Manager, celebrates his 30th anniversary with Henning Harders.

“Make friends
and help people.”

— Henning Harders

The future starts here​

Digital Transformation

Staying on top of industry developments and innovations has always been an important part of our business. Take the current digital transformation of our industry, which is driven by a trend towards customisation, individualisation and faster turn-around times. We play an active role in this development, because it gives us the opportunity to share new ideas with our clients and to continuously improve and optimise their supply chain.

Logistics 4.0

Industry 4.0 will facilitate the seamless connection of production, demand and inventory planning, fulfilment and distribution. At the same time, mass customisation and individualisation will require even more flexible supply chains. Thanks to a culture of innovation, we are well equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. For many of our clients, we already synchronised their supply chain with planning, production and retail processes. With our “Logistics 4.0” initiative, we can assist with cost-reduction strategies, forecasting and inventory capabilities, supply chain integration and process optimisation.

Talk to your Key Account Manager to discuss how we can future-proof your supply chain.

Henning Harders Logistics 4.0

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