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Sustainability and Charities

Sustainability and Environment

Our environmental strategies derive from our company values and are driven by our staff and management. Some of these initiatives include:


As an independent family owned business we are always mindful of future generations. For us, running a successful business, is not only about economic performance – it’s about balancing economics with social and environmental responsibility.

As an employer, we strive to create equal opportunities for our employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion. We operate on a global scale and we value, and benefit from, the diversity and cultural variety of our colleagues.

Henning Harders teams regularly participate in the Wings for Life global fund raising event

Our Charities

Helping people is an integral part of what we do in our business day-to-day. So it is important to us, to extend our service and assist people in need through charities and community organisations.

Staff Fundraisers

Community giving is encouraged in our staff. Fundraising morning teas are regularly hosted in-office to raise funds for charities and special relief projects. Management supports such endeavours and matches employee contributions. Organisations and community events we’ve supported are:

Jan 25_CEO Dare to Cure 2021

CEO Dare to Cure fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Institute

Our Charities

Hope for Orphans & Vulnerable Children (HOVC)

Founded in 2009, Hope for Orphans & Vulnerable Children (HOVC) is an organisation that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kisoro, the poorest region of Uganda.

Henning Harders supports HOVC by sponsoring nine children in the sponsorship program. The funds provide educational supplies, school fees and uniforms, housing, clean water facilities and healthcare for the children in the program.

Funds from Henning Harders have contributed to the:

2019 – HOVC are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

In 2009 the first group consisted of 53 children, from 4-7 years old. Many had not started school yet, so HOVC employed an Early Childhood teacher, used a spare classroom at Rwaramba Primary School and created their own Nursery class there.

10 years later there are 150 children registered in the Project. Of these, 1 boy is waiting to attend University, 62 are secondary students, 11 are vocational students and there are 76 primary students. In an area where less than 18% of children over 15 years of age complete primary school—this is an amazing achievement.

New Roof for Mubuga Primary School

June 2018. Restoration of the classroom block at Mubuga Primary School has become necessary after a storm blew the old iron sheets off. Whilst installing a new roof, the builders have taken the opportunity to raise the level of the roof as well as replace rotting timber frames. Alongside local contributions, Henning Harders helped finance the repair of the school – an amazing difference this has made to the building. After the renovation, the school is the pride of the community and provides an environment where children can learn safely and comfortably.

Employee Volunteer Opportunities

ach year, a member of staff is given the opportunity to go on a volunteer experience to the Kisoro District in the South-West corner of Uganda, near Rwanda to view the operations of the HOVC.

In 2016, this staff member is Jarrod Thomson from our Melbourne office. As part of a team of eight, Jarrod travelled to Kisoro in February and experienced first hand how HOVC does make a difference to the children, their families and the community. During their stay, the team spent time with the children and met the parents as well as the Ugandan HOVC board. They visited schools, markets and homes to establish stronger connections and to gain an understanding of the challenges and aspirations of the Kisoro people.

Earlier 2015, Alena Hill, Key Account Manager from the Henning Harders, Sydney office visited the HOVC organisation, in Kisoro, Uganda with Margaret Harders. They saw first-hand the work of the organisation in the community and the contribution that Henning Harders makes through the sponsorship program.

Alena said, “Of all the places I have travelled, Kisoro is certainly the most remote destination. After a 19-hour flight, it took two days by dirt road to reach the village. Once there, it was a great experience to witness how HOVC operates in the community by supporting and encouraging the children to become educated. Through education, the children and their families have a greater opportunity to break the poverty cycle.

On a visit to the families in the villages, I met some of the children we sponsor. Their excitement to see us was overwhelming. One child, Timothy, and his mother ran to greet me. She called “You are welcome” – which is one of the few English phrases known – and gave me a big hug.

I also assisted with the building of one of the mud houses, which Henning Harders funded. These houses provide relief to families who are living in poor conditions or otherwise sharing with extended family in an overcrowded environment.”

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