Land Transport

Our land transport solutions cater for all types of cargo: whether it’s just a few pallets, multiple loads every week, or an oversized shipment that requires road closures. We provide full truck load, less than truck load, transportation of refrigerated, hazardous or oversized cargo.

By truck, train or river barge, we move your goods efficiently and to any location required. We cooperate with reliable domestic partners with proven strengths in the safe handling and compliant land transport of all commodities.

We can manage the door-to-door movement of your goods – including all paperwork – giving you complete peace of mind concerning the safe and punctual arrival of your cargo.

Case Study – Land Transport

Our door-to-door delivery services provide complete peace of mind.

The specific requirements for the movements of challenging machinery and equipment is one area of our expertise. As one example of many, we organised the seamless door‑to‑door delivery of an oversized 8‑ton Skyway cabin. The transit from the manufacturer in Switzerland to its final destination in the Blue Mountains required meticulous planning, preparation and expert handling throughout. It involved transportation by truck, Rhine barge and container ship, as well as swift customs clearance and organised street closures due to the size of the shipment.

With a global network and with over 30 years’ experience of moving all sorts of cargo, we can respond to such complex challenges with reliable solutions that allow our clients to confidently focus on their business.

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