The automotive supply chain is characterised through complex requirements which ask for high quality and flexible logistics solutions. We have the experience to make sure that your components, vehicles and spare parts reach their destinations reliably and on time. It’s all part of a cost-efficient and streamlined process, using the most suitable modes of transport and storage solutions.

We continually adapt our capabilities and extend our logistics experience to create targeted automotive logistic solutions for our clients. In addition to our core services, we offer value added services such as warehousing, inventory and transport management.

We provide the transparent and reliable supply chain for spare parts and equipment.

Logistics for Marine Parts

Our experience in ship spares handling gives us insight and knowledge into the maritime industry.  We ensure timely and efficient ship spare parts management for a wide range of shipping vessels including tankers, container ships, bulk carrier vessels, and cruise liners. Ship owners, ship management companies, shipyards, offshore operating companies, tow and barge operators and manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts for vessels rely on our professional, customized industry solutions.

Our services include order processing, procurement, inventory and project management, bidding and flexible shipping. You benefit from transparent services and pricing as well as lead-time guarantees.

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