Fourth‑Party Logistics (4PL)

Importers and exporters face an ever increasing complexity of global supply chains and operating environments. That’s why for most companies today, it is far more time and cost-efficient to have their logistics, including all specialised supply chain providers, managed holistically by an experienced 4PL partner.

Over the last decades, we have been successfully implementing and managing 3PL and 4PL solutions for some of New Zealand’s largest importers and exporters.

Our 4PL solutions are perfectly adapted to a client’s business and specific requirements. As a result, our clients benefit from reduced logistics costs, greater supply chain flexibility, a high level of professional service and continuous improvements.

Thanks to our EDI, SAP and Full Connectivity capabilities, clients are kept in the loop at all times, allowing them to respond instantly to any business needs that might arise.

Contract Logistics

Our 40+ years experience and our in-depth expertise of industry-specific requirements make us the perfect partner for the planning, implementation and management of complex supply chains. If you consider outsourcing your logistics so that you can fully focus on your core business, you should talk to us.

We listen to your needs, analyse your supply chain and understand your objectives. We become an extension of your business: integrating your suppliers, vendors, business partners and making sure your requirements are met. We anticipate any issues that might arise and ensure the seamless, efficient flow of goods and information – thanks to our standardised processes, KPIs, advanced data analytics and information sharing across all stakeholders.

We respond flexibly and quickly to changing needs, seasonal fluctuations, changes in government regulations and industry disruptions. With EDI, SAP, Cargo Wise we have systems in place to provide you with full control and visibility of your goods and your supply chain performance at all times.

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