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Moving a piece of history

This week, Henning Harders had the honour of transporting a piece of German history – a large piece of the Berlin wall. After it fell, a section of the wall was shipped to Sydney by a German businessman to be a feature in his house. Whilst renovating his house, the wall piece was moved to a warehouse in Blacktown, where it had been sitting idle and forgotten since the early 90’s.

To coincide with the 30 anniversary of the fall of the wall, the piece was donated to the German Consulate and we were approached to assist with the transportation.

A long way from its initial foundations in Berlin, we organised the delicate transport from the warehouse in Blacktown to the Goethe Institut in Woollahra.

Prior to the move, our team assessed the condition of the brittle, concrete, 4 metre slab and whether it could be moved without crumbling from underneath the low hanging awning where it had lived for many years.

Right Image, from left: Sonja Griegoschewski – Goethe Institute, Christian Harders and Clayton Horne – Henning Harders

The Berlin Wall represents the physical and symbolic division between Germany’s communist and democratic sectors. It was the antithesis of what Henning, our company’s founder, stood for. Born in 1934, he witnessed the rise and fall of fascism in Germany, the division of the east and west, and finally the fall of the wall.
The deeply personal connection to the history and significance of the fall of the Berlin wall enabled Christian Harders to happily donate his expertise to the cause.

This historic piece of berlin wall will be unveiled on 23rd november at euroka reserve in woollahra.

The move was curated to perfection, safely delivering the wall to the Goethe Intitute in Woollahra. 

We’d like to thank Borger Cranes, Reach Crane Trucks and Sydney Traffic Control for their careful and professional work on the day.

The Western side of the wall will be in view, with the graffitied words ‘Jeder hat Kraft’, which translates to ‘Everyone is powerful’.

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