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Henning Harders May 2020 Newsletter

Table of Contents

APL ENGLAND V.093S Detention 

The APL England encountered bad weather while en-route to Melbourne from China. During this event, approximately 50 containers were lost overboard and many others were displaced on deck. The vessel has since berthed at Port of Brisbane and the Australian Marine Safety Authority has laid charges for offences relating to pollution and damage to the marine environment. 

Henning Harders has been in contact with shipping lines regarding any cargoes our clients had on board the vessel and has confirmed that none of those shipments has been lost. Further information pertaining to containers due for discharge in Australia will be available once the ship has been released from detention. 

Please contact your Key Account Manager for further information. 

Biosecurity Import Levy 

In 2019 the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment announced plans to introduce a new Biosecurity Import Levy. At the time, this levy was rigorously opposed by industry on account that the planned charge was the same to all industry participants regardless of the scale of their Approved Arrangement(s) with the Department. 

The result was that an industry working group was set up to determine a better structure for the levy that did not place unnecessary burden on those smaller businesses.   

Resulting from both the efforts of the working group, and the current Covid-19 crisis, the Department has announced that the new levy will not proceed, as placing significant additional costs on already cash-strapped businesses is not in the public interest. 

New Interim Import Conditions for Uncooked Prawns and Prawn Products 

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is currently undertaking a review of biosecurity risks and conditions for the importation of prawns and prawn products for human consumption. While the review is ongoing, new interim conditions apply.

The review is related to managing the risks associated with Enterocytozoon heptatopenaei(EHP), with the new conditions implemented due to the fact that prawns imported in a frozen state with the head and shell removed do not adequately address the biosecurity risk. 

The interim measures apply to prawns or prawn products imported after 1st July 2020 and require that the product has undergone a deveining step during processing. The products will also still be subject to a 100% seals intact inspection upon arrival. 

If you require any further information relating to this, please contact your Key Account Manager. 

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