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Important Shipping Update

Waterfront industrial action

Update 28.9.2020

This morning it was announced further Protected Industrial Action was to commence at Patrick Port Botany 28 September 2020 and Patrick Fremantle 29 September 2020.

Patrick have now made their application to the Fair Works Commission to have the industrial action terminated due to its potential to cause significant damage to the Australian economy. Our industry body Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) have offered to support the case as expert witness to the claims of significant economic impacts.

DP World and the MUA progressed in their negotiations with an in principle agreement being reach late last week. The new workplace agreement is due for completion by the end of the month. The MUA have stated this is a “breakthrough” in negotiations following their suspension of industrial action at the DP World terminals.

Update 25.9.2020

Shipping lines continue to suspend bookings to Sydney due to the uncertainty around the delays at Port Botany resulting from the industrial action.

DP World have successfully had the industrial action ceased through their application at the Fair Works Commission. Our Industry bodies are urging Patrick and Hutchison to take their case to the Fair Works commission to terminate the industrial actions and settle the outstanding Enterprise Agreement matters.

In a media release dated 24 September 2020, Patrick has stated the further industrial action intended and the delay impacts listed below for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle

“The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) notified Patrick Terminals of its intention to undertake further Protected Industrial Action at Patrick Terminals – Brisbane, Sydney and Fremantle in addition to the Protected Action already notified. The details of this action are listed below.

As a result from the ongoing Protect Industrial Action from the MUA Patrick has a growing backlog of containers. From Friday 25 September 2020 across all four container terminals, there are approximately 100,000 containers that are waiting to be handled by Patrick Terminals.

The current waiting time for a berth for an on-time vessel is 8 days in Brisbane, 17.8 days in Sydney, 9.3 days in Melbourne and 3 days in Fremantle.”

Attached is a “Stevedore Industrial Actions – Summary Update” detailing upcoming industrial actions across each port and the projected berthing delays for 25 September through 2 October 2020.

Update from 22.9.2020

As a result of the DP World application to Fair Works Commission with the case heard Saturday 19 September 2020, the planned industrial actions for the next two weeks at DP World will cease.

There are differing interpretations of the impact of the work bans and go-slow productivity bans. The MUA stating the work bans are for 5 minute periods with no impact which differs from the application to Fair Works Commission detailing the economic impact of the industrial action.

We will monitor the progress of the port, impacts to shipping schedules, delays in berthing and the ability to evacuate empty containers.

The decision of Saturday’s case applies to DP World only. It is unclear if Patrick and Hutchison need to make similar applications to the Fair Works Commission.

Bookings to all other Australian ports remain open.

Vessel Schedule changes

Update from 28.9.2020

We are seeing more schedule changes in addition to Sydney in order for vessel operators attempting to recover their schedules impacted by the delays. OOCL have omitted Brisbane for the vessel Kota Laris as an example. Brisbane containers on board the Kota Laris will discharge Melbourne and loaded on a separate vessel to Brisbane.

Your Key Account Manager is monitoring all shipments with our operations team to keep you informed of the schedule and discharge updates.

Sydney Empty Container Crisis

Update 25.2020

Sydney empty container parks remain at capacity. We are experiencing re-directions and closures during the day and this is changing by the hour.

The estimate surplus containers is now over 50,000TEU in the NSW container logistics chain while the shipping lines work to evacuate containers from Sydney.

We continue to work through the management of your container arrival and the empty dehire co-ordination. Your Key Account Manager has the entire operation and management at Henning Harders supporting you.

Update from 22.9.2020

The Sydney empty parks remain congested. During today we will monitor the empty park conditions for receivals, closures and re-directions. As of Friday, in excess of 100 empty container re-directions were in place. Most empty container parks are open, however still only to service select equipment size and shipping lines.

We continue to manage empty containers for you via our transport yards while this situation develops/improves. 

Origin Booking halted – Maersk

Update from 22.9.2020

In an notice from Maersk Line Friday 18 September 2020, no bookings will be accepted for final destination Sydney. This temporary action will be reviewed for 1 October 2020 and monitored by Maersk up to that date if they can resume receiving bookings earlier.

The bookings from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India Sub-continent to Sydney are effected.

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