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Europe – Wharf Capacity Struggles hit Germany

Not immune to the international supply chain challenges, delays and operation issues have steadily been on the rise in Germany resulting in overcrowding and congestion at major seaports. 

In addition to the 1-for-1 container exchange program that has been in place across main German ports for over a month now there has also been strike action by the seaport operators, the most recent was 23 June causing further delays & disruptions. Please contact your Henning Harders representative well in advance of needing to place orders out of Germany. 

Ongoing congestion across main Northern European ports is hampering service performance across all shipping lines and services. Main ports effected are Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp. 


West Coast 
Port of LAX dwell times for import cargo are around 8 days, down from 11 days previously. 

Continued pressure on Chassis pool utilization has been declining in recent weeks, now at 86% with 40’s at the highest demand. Local trucking delays have been reduced and are being closely monitored given the lack of chassis affecting the industry. The scarcity of chassis is affecting all types of moves, from local deliveries to terminal moves to/from off dock rail ramps. 

Oakland is near capacity and wait times are increasing. 

East Coast 
All New York terminals are reporting high utilization of between 70-90%. 

Waiting times for berths are running upwards of 19 days depending on the terminal. 

Vessel dwell dimes are from 5-7 days.
Empty equipment numbers continue to be extremely high causing delays in dehire.
Houston, Savannah & Charleston terminals all have waiting times for berthing and congestion with transfer to road or rail for both imports & exports ranging from 65 minutes to 40.32 hours. 


Tanjung Pelepas & Singapore Hubs are showing signs of improvement, wait times are reducing. Priority is being given to Export calls to relieve yard density 

Hong Kong currently exceeds 70% utilisation and delays continue around berthing windows and discharge volumes equal to load volumes, this is a relatively new functionality of Port operations to restrict or control the time a vessel spends working at the dock.
Heightened security & procedures around the prevention of Covid spread through all aspects of Port operations is impacting on staff numbers, crew interchange and machinery operators further adding to the overall stress and pressure within these highly susceptible sites. 

Service and delays through the Panama Canal have improved 


Change to Free Time at Fremantle Ports 
Fremantle Ports have released a statement advising that effective from the 1st July 2022, weekends and public holidays will no longer be considered storage free days if they fall within the 4 free days offered once cargo becomes available. 

SYDNEY – Extreme weather events 
Due to recent extreme weather conditions Sydney port are experiencing some operational delays due to the inclement weather 

Varroa Mite spreads across NSW 
More than 15 million bees have been euthanized across 31 infected premises in NSW since the bug was first detected in late June 22. A ban is now in place in NSW restricting the movement across the state and inter-state. An expert from NZ arrived in NSW this week to give advice after the varroa mite infected our industry 20+ years ago. 

Therefore, any exports or imports of Bee Keeping product or equipment to / from Australia should be booked and planned with a heightened awareness of this developing situation. 

New Zealand Coastal Shipping – NZ 

As previously reported, improvements are on the way and Pacifica Shipping will introduce a second vessel into its NZ Coastal fleet expected to be operational by September this year.
The new vessel will add an additional 1300 TEU capacity every week, complimenting the existing Pacifica vessel, MV Moana Chief (Moana Chief has a 1700 TEU capacity and has been operational since 2019). In another development MOVE Logistics Group have entered into a funding agreement with Waka Kotahi for a seafreight link between New Plymouth & Nelson with the first sailing expected to be in 2023. 

Northport – Marsden Point NZ 

KIX Service – Antwerp Bridge 209/210 Ad Hoc Call to Northport and Auckland Omission. Antwerp Bridge 209/210 will omit Auckland under Force Majeure conditions on her current rotation and discharge at Northport from 19-22 July. Updated schedule below. 

Antwerp Bridge 209/210

Northport – AKL cargo load
and discharge only

Domestic Transhipment Request (DTR) for Air Cargo

From 1 July 2022, a domestic Transhipment Request (DTR) will be required to move uncleared air-freight from one approved facility (CCA/ATF) to another approved facility. This means that the Customs continuous collection permit, and paperless transhipment scheme and MPI’s General Authorization of Carriage (GAC) can no longer be used to move uncleared air-freight. 

KiwiRail Track User Charge (TUC) rate update 

In November 2021 KiwiRail implemented the Track User Charge (TUC) to recover additional government expenditure on the NZ rail network. This rate was reduced in April 2022 from 3.5% to 2.24% in line with the Governments three‐month reduction of the Road User Charge (RUC) ending 1st July 2022. KiwiRail have advised that there will be a further two‐month reduction to the TUC levy to 2.88% in line with RUC’s for transport. 

NZ Port Performance & Container Yard capacity 

Terminal & Yard congestion remains extremely high with POAL, Napier & Lyttleton operating at near
100 %-yard utilization and Tauranga at approx. 80-90%. 

A port or container yard operates at optimum performance around the 75-85% mark, anything more than that creates amongst other things, multiple handling of containers which reduces the overall efficiency of the operation, measured by container moves per hour.
Container yards (import dehire & export collection of empties) in Auckland are nearing capacity again and will be monitored closely over the coming days, please be advised costs incurred for late returns should this escalate are beyond the cartage operator and our control and will be for the account of Consignee. 

Ports of Auckland Operational Update; Peak / off Peak VBS Pricing

Ports of Auckland (POAL) have recently reviewed and amended their Vehicle Booking System (VBS) process and fee structure, with reference to the “Peak / Off Peak VBS charges introduced back in May. Unfortunately, the outcome of these changes has meant they can no longer offer a reduced VBS rate for off-peak hours and instead will apply one flat fee for both day & night shifts. 

Ports of Auckland, Customer Advisory: Excess Dwell Charge, Improving container flow! 

Effective Friday 1st July the first phase of Ports of Auckland’s “Excess Dwell Charge” targeting the longest dwelling time of containers on the Port came into effect. 

The charge is in addition to the applicable demurrage and will apply to all laden imports at the Fergusson & Multi-cargo terminals. From July 1st, laden import containers which have been on the port for 15 days or longer will attract an excess dwell charge of $175 per TEU per day. 

The 2nd Phase of the Excess Dwell Charge program will commence on Thursday 1st September 2022 and from that point in time, laden import containers which have been on the port for 8- 14 days will attract an excess dwell charge of $125 per TEU per day. 

Ports of Auckland advise” We expect the excess dwell charge will help to change behaviours, reduce congestion, and improve container flow through the port, which will benefit everyone in the supply chain.” 

Breakfast show Rachel Madden CBAFF – TVNZ

CBAFF President, Rachel Madden, was discussing the current challenges on TVNZ Breakfast show Tuesday 5th July. If you didn’t catch it then please click here, note you may have to register for free to access the footage & the interview starts at 06.14 

Lyttelton Port – Terminal Adjustment Charge Increase (TAC) 

Effective 1st August 2022 Lyttelton Port will add an additional fuel surcharge which will apply to every laden (full) and empty container that crosses the wharf including tranship cargos. 

Lyttelton Port – Road R&D Levy (VBS) 

Effective 1st July 2022 Lyttelton Port will increase their VBS charges in accordance with the improving services & infrastructure for all modes across the port. In addition it should be noted that at the same time Sundays are no longer considered a “Free Day” when calculating free time allocations from the Port. 

Shipping Document SCAM- Maersk 

Please be aware of an online scam going around with the following message: 

Dear Consignee,
This is to notify you of a shipment assigned to you as the receiver. Please see attached Draft BL, packing list & commercial invoice at the request of our customer.
Kindly check to confirm all info are correctly stated.
Sincerely, Maersk Line 

In Summary 

Transport Facilities, 3PL Warehousing & CFS Operations are all seeing another surge of Covid related issues. Staff attendance in AKL & CHC operations are in some cases down on staff by as much as 40% on any given day.
This flows on to the speed and efficiency with which containers are being devanned and transitioning out for availability & delivery. It is impacting all aspects of the domestic supply chain over what we have been used to in the past, please understand that turn around times of not only freight but information and response times are all being affected, your patience and cooperation at this time is appreciated. 

We will continue to evaluate all market options and work with you to provide individual solutions for your business.
For more detailed on any of these articles please contact your Henning Harders Key Account Manager. 

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