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Important Shipping Update

QLD Floods and the Impact on Transport

Due to the severe flooding throughout Brisbane and its surrounding areas, transport operators have been forced to temporarily close or operate with a heavily reduced workforce today. Many carriers are unable to access their depots and those that can, have many staff and drivers trapped inside their homes for the foreseeable future.

Any deliveries scheduled for this week should be prepared for potential delays or cancellations as carriers work to service those clients in accessible areas. With localised flooding around Brisbane Airport, AMI Airfreight depot has also announced that they will remain closed until further notice which will delay the delivery of many airfreight shipments arriving this week.

If you are expecting deliveries in Brisbane and would like an update or would like to reschedule to a later date, please contact your Key Account Manager today to do so.

Melbourne Landside Logistics Update

Logistics companies across Melbourne are feeling the full effects brought by increased volumes, and Covid related issues impacting yard and transport operations. One of Australia’s largest transport operators reports their Victorian depots are reaching more than 215% of operational capacity leaving no option but to re-deploy transport fleets away from planned deliveries.

In efforts to clear container congestion at yards, containers are being relocated to 3rd party facilities across Melbourne. This is just one example that is currently been played out across many transport and logistic operators with yards and truck fleets as they struggle with the disruption of Covid, high container volumes and skewed supply chains.

Companies are not able to forward plan and be aligned with vessel arrivals due to last minute driver shortages, delivery sites impacted and last-minute changes. Containers requiring

BMSB treatment and inspections are already impacted by departmental service issues. As trucking companies look to manage equipment and resources often prioritising wharf collections over and above other deliveries, make yard capacity problems even worse.

Some Transport operators are also having to increase their dehire days from standard 48hours to 120 hours (5 days) as they try to manage Empty Park yard capacity issues and high container volumes.

Increased costs to manage these inefficiencies are being felt at all levels and many are looking to recoup lost revenue by implementing levies to support their operations. 

Many importers are also looking at alternative solutions to improve service levels, however business is often turned away or at worse service levels decrease even further. Couriers and vehicles collecting LCL freight from certain depots are also being impacted with long waiting times at yards and driver shortages meaning that bookings must be made days in advance changing how the whole delivery process is internally managed.

As we see these disruptions continue in Melbourne, to a lesser effect they are also being felt in Brisbane and Fremantle. Whilst Henning Harders have seen this impact business, our suppliers are working hard under extreme circumstances to ensure deliveries are made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Increased volumes, BMSB and Covid related issues impact transport operations

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