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For many years, Henning Harders Australia has been sponsoring the charity Hope for Orphans & Vulnerable Children (HOVC) who cares for disadvantaged children and families in Kisoro, Uganda. Each year, a member of staff is given the opportunity to travel to Kisoro District in the South-West corner of Uganda, near Rwanda to view the operations of the HOVC.

In 2016, this staff member is Jarrod Thomson from our Melbourne office. As part of a team of eight, Jarrod will travel to Kisoro in February to experience first-hand how HOVC makes a difference to the children, their families and the community. During their stay, the team spends time with the children, meet the parents and the Ugandan HOVC board. They visit schools, markets and homes to establish stronger connections and to gain an understanding of the challenges and aspirations of the Kisoro people.

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