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Henning Harders May 2019 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Chinese New Year Update

Despite carrier efforts to ‘repair’ the market ex North East Asia (NEA) by cutting vessels, operating vessels with reduced capacity and blank sailings, the market is slow to recover and is continuing to experience a lull which is taking all by surprise, especially the carriers.

The main reason for the slow recovery and low demand at present is a result of the new service last year in August. This saw larger vessels with increased capacity introduced into the service and market, which has had a flow on effect whereby the market is now experiencing a “soft” effect.

Please contact your Account Manager for assistance or any queries on this matter.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The 2018-2019 BMSB Season has come to a close.  Shipments of target risk goods and target high-risk goods from target countries departing from 1st May 2019 no longer require fumigation for stink bug. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has commenced planning for 2019-20 season with some new risk countries added. Further detail for this will be in our June Newsletter.

Landside Logistics

Empty Container Parks 

As written in last month’s newsletter, the situation around delays at the nations empty container yards has not subsided. The short two week period over Easter and ANZAC day have had their effect on container detention as the shipping lines either can’t solve or recognize the ongoing issues with space and managing the yards.

All attempts will be made to be transparent with free days and any additional times allocated for your containers. Please check with your Account Manager on what applies to your shipments and how we can better manage this. 

Chain of Responsibility

As new CoR laws are being enforced, we need to remind each importer and exporter of their responsibility in this area.  With ongoing price pressures, we are seeing further containers being loaded with more goods to achieve maximum shipping and supply chain efficiencies. Whilst this is sound practice, importers and exporters tend to ignore the complexities around load restraints, load distribution, goods weight and container weight. All these factors attribute to having a legal responsibility to International Maritime and local road laws. If you are unsure about these and require advice, please contact your Key Account Manager. Penalties and goal terms are enforced if the regulators find parties guilty of these offences.

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