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Henning Harders Fine Art Logistics

Yaama Ganu Gallery presents ‘An Introduction to Aboriginal Art’ at the 2018 Tribal & Textile Art Show in San Francisco.

Great ‘behind the scenes’ work by the Henning Harders Export Team who managed the full door-to-door art logistics for this major event. The artwork was collected directly from the Yaama Ganu Gallery in Moree, regional NSW, and transported to the Henning Harders warehouse for security screening before being air lifted to San Francisco. All customs clearance and US import related paper work was taken care of by our accredited customs experts and air freight agents so that the precious cargo could be cleared immediately upon arrival. It was then delivered straight to the framer and on to its final destination: Fort Mason Centre for Arts & Culture – 3 days after lodgment in Australia.

Logistics for fine art requires a high level of care, secure handling, safe storage, expert packing and transportation – as well as an in-depth knowledge of commercial and non-commercial import / export regulations. With the assistance of our US network, we also took care of all outbound formalities, collected the artwork after the show and ensured its safe arrival back to Australia and on to Moree.

Knowing their precious artwork was in good hands throughout the entire journey, the Yaama Ganu Gallery and their artists could fully enjoy this celebration of Aboriginal Art and Culture in San Francisco.

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