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Henning Harders Brand and Values Day

Since Henning Harders, Ross Cameron and Christian Harders set up Henning Harders in 1987, they have been running the business by one simple principle:

Make friends and help people.

This principle set us on course to become one of Australia’s most successful and trusted providers of international logistics services. 

To maintain this successful course in the future, Henning Harders employees – during a series of workshops – have defined a set of guidelines, which were presented during this year’s brand and values day:

“Mutual success”, “Innovative”, “Driven by passion”, “The extra mile” and “Disciplined approach” are the Henning Harders Company Values.

They describe what we want to accomplish and how we behave towards colleagues, customers and suppliers. These values are the standard against which we weigh our actions and they serve as the foundation on which we pursue our company vision, to

Provide the best personalised international supply chain.

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