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Henning Harders August 2020 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug season 2020-21

The 2020-21 measures are now in force for shipments of target high risk goods exported from target risk countries between 1st September 2020 and 30th April 2021, arriving in Australian territory by 31st May 2021. Importers are reminded that target high risk goods shipped without treatment as break-bulk or in any non-six sided container (e.g. open top or flat rack) will be directed for export as they are not permitted to be treated onshore. Exemptions may still apply for newly manufactured and non-field tested items, as well as those imported by businesses with an approved safeguarding arrangement. 

The list of approved BMSB treatment providers is available here. Goods treated by a provider that are not approved will either require treatment on arrival in Australia, or in the case of any sea cargo not in fully enclosed 6-sided shipping containers, will be directed for re-export.

To learn more about the exemptions please contact Harders Advisory.

DAWE Khapra Beetle Planned Urgent Actions

Within the next two months the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (the department) will implement urgent actions to address the risk of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) entering Australia.

Khapra beetle is currently found in India, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Like BMSB it is a hitchhiking pest, however they are very small (around 2-3mm long) and identified by their reddish-brown colour and oval shape. They typically infest grain shipments, making them inedible and their establishment in Australia would result in many trading partners rejecting stored produce from Australia.

The global spread of the beetle is increasing, recently having been detected on a wide range of plant products and as hitchhiking pests on containers from places where Khapra beetle is not known to occur.  Resulting from these detections, the department believes that the biosecurity requirements require expanding and strengthening to adequately prevent incursion into Australia.

The measures will be implemented in various phases, which will be advised in future editions of Harders Insight. Several plant products have been identified as high-risk, however some exclusions apply to certain commercially manufactured goods.

For further information please find the official notice from the department here.

Chinese anti-dumping investigation against Australian Wine

The Chinese Government has launched an investigation into to the alleged dumping of Australian wines.

Dumping is often associated with unfair practices and selling goods at a loss, however this is not often the case. If a supplier sells a product to a foreign market at a price that is less than they sell the goods in their domestic market, the goods are considered to be dumped and may be subject to remedial measures in the form of higher imposed tariffs. Dumping is not unethical and it is common to sell goods at different prices to different markets.

If dumping is found to occur, the tariffs imposed by China would see orders reduce. If Australian exporters are contacted in relation to the investigation, it is imperative that they cooperate with the authorities. Those that cooperate may be found through the course of the investigation to be exempt, or at least have lower dumping duties applied, while uncooperative exporters often have much higher dumping duties applied.

If you are contacted in relation to the investigation and require assistance, or if you want to learn more, please contact Harders Advisory.

Empty Container Parks

This last month has seen a lot of activity around increased booking fees at our Empty Container Parks (ECP’s) coupled with constant over-capacity at yards in Sydney.

The perfect storm comes as a surplus of import containers are fed into the yards, whilst the need for export containers are at a low point given the recent drought and the low grain outputs from our farmers.

The number of containers being ‘re-directed’ to other parks can be up to 100 per day, placing considerable strain on trucking companies that often have negotiated rates in place for set deliveries and returns.

Shipping lines are sitting quietly in the background while their containers are conveniently being moved around the city at the importers expense. Until considerable reform is undertaken by the shipping lines and ECP’s, importers and exporters will feel the pinch with additional charges in moving containers to carriers yards and container detention. Industry continues to raise the matter with Transport NSW and Government however slow wheels tend to turn when it comes to anything at the waterfront. The general importing and exporting community should expect more considering the heavy increases to over $70 per container booking only this month.

Whilst industry continues to place pressure on Government officials, it is also important that your voice is heard either through import and export communities or your local members of parliament. We are happy to supply additional information if required. Please contact your Henning Harders Key Account Manager.

Industrial Action – DP World

Good news this week that DP World and the Maritime Unions have reached a deal on the Part A National Agreement for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA). As part of this agreement, the MUA has withdrawn all previously advised work stoppages at every DP World terminal around Australia. We now await any changes to Part B of the agreement and if this induces further action.

Whilst this industrial action was only in limited times, it certainly created havoc with vessels being partly unloaded throughout the days when action was taking place. Several futile trips were made to terminals that caught trucking companies unaware as the port chose to deem containers available for collection even though they were not off the vessel.

Henning Harders will continue to update customers with ongoing waterfront situations as they are notified through industry.

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