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BMSB 2019-2020

August 2019
If you are importing vehicles, machinery or parts into New Zealand, chances are high your cargo is subject to BMSB measures. As an importer or manufacturer whose business depends on a reliable supply chain, you cannot afford the risk of your much needed cargo being delayed or even rejected and re-exported.



Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs pose a significant biosecurity risk to New Zealand due to their highly mobile nature. They are currently found throughout North East Asia, North America and Europe and can be identified by their shield shape and white bands on the antennae, legs and rear margins of the body. Introduction into New Zealand would have a devastating impact on agricultural and ornamental plants by rendering them unsellable or reducing production yields.

As a result, MPI implements seasonal measures for certain goods arriving from target risk countries.

Our dedicated import consultants are in permanent contact with Biosecurity New Zealand to make sure your cargo complies with the most current import health standards. We classify goods, arrange for the required treatment by approved treatment providers, and take care of paperwork and documentation. As a result, you can fully focus on your business and your customers, rather than spending your time trying to stay on top of Stink Bug requirements. 


BMSB 2019-2020 Season

The risk season is from 1 September until 30 April.

Note: MPI may apply emergency measures if BMSB infestations are found.

If you are importing targeted vehicles, machinery or parts from any of the countries below you must meet MPI requirements to manage the risk of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSBs) getting into New Zealand.

BMSB target risk countries_NZ.png

You must provide documentation to MPI showing your cargo meets the requirements of the Import Health Standard (IHS) for Vehicles, Machinery and Parts. If your cargo requires BMSB management under the Standard there is the option of MPI-Approved System management or treatment with an MPI-Approved Treatment before the cargo arrives in New Zealand.

The definition of vehicles, machinery and parts is broad – check with Henning Harders New Zealand which goods are included for BMSB requirements in the IHS.

Offshore treatment providers 

Some targeted imported risk goods need to be treated using fumigation or heat before arrival in New Zealand to prevent the introduction of pathogens (causing diseases) and live pests. New Zealand requires that only registered treatment providers may be used to conduct offshore treatment of targeted risk goods. Where treatment is required, if break-bulk or containerised BMSB risk goods (targeted for BMSB management) arrive at the NZ Border without being treated, it is likely that they will not be allowed to be unloaded and they will be shipped out of New Zealand territory; and such actions will be at the importer’s expense.

For more information, please contact your Key Account Manager at Henning Harders (New Zealand) Ltd or download our BMSB fact sheet here.