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logistics solutions for the beverage industry

HAR001_Small Home Page Images_160307_V1.jpgWith over 30 years experience in the global transport of beverages and ingredients, Henning Harders is one of the foremost logistics providers in the beverage industry. We have developed deep expertise in the industry and we understand the challenges our clients are facing.

Supply chain efficiency, flexibility, speed-to-market and inventory control are all metrics which have a direct impact on brand reputation and the bottom line.

Our beverage logistics specialists tailor cost-effective logistics solutions to each individual client, rather than adopting the “one size fits all” approach of most providers. We align ourselves with our clients’ operations and processes and develop a flexible and streamlined supply chain that delivers a measurable impact to our clients’ business and allows them to confidently focus on what they do best:

Supplying great drinks to their customers.

Achieving supply chain efficiencies

Henning Harders’ dedicated beverage specialists can assist with all manner of importing and exporting for the beverage industry: We coordinate and consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers and manage vendor performance – thus reducing complexity and cost. To ensure compliance and avoid delays, our experienced Customs Brokers can assist with Customs clearance and all other Customs and Bio-Security related formalities. Our value-added services can also save time and money, as the cargo won't have to leave the supply chain for packing, consolidating or PoS preparation. 

Ease of Management

The ability to respond quickly to order changes or other issues is vital in the competitive environment of the beverage industry. To support efficient management and assist with real-time planning, we provide our clients with real-time information and data management tools such as: 

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Inventory control
  • EDI interface  
  • SAP compatibility

In addition, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager to personally manage their business needs. This experienced supply chain manager is supported by a team of knowledgeable licensed Customs Brokers. Henning Harders' unique One-Key-Account-Manager policy provides clients with:

  • an efficient flow of information
  • prompt and effective handling of requests and issues
  • regular reviews to strengthen their supply chain
  • a quality-assured customer experience
  • competent advice on latest customs regulations

Our industry-specific services / Customs

HAR001_Website_Right Hand Margin Images_160307_4.jpgHenning Harders' dedicated beverage logistics specialists and in-house Customs Brokers have extensive knowledge and experience in the import and export of wine, beer, spirits, fruit juices, perishable ingredients and raw materials. We can assist with Customs clearance and all other formalities related to Customs and Bio-Security – ensuring compliance and avoiding delays.

If you're importing alcoholic beverages into New Zealand, you might want to talk to us about our underbond solutions. 

We provide:

  • Bond register set-up and maintenance
  • Bond register reconciliation
  • Underbond solutions
  • Calculating excise rates for beer and spirits
  • Reporting excise and paying duties
  • Claiming excise refunds, drawbacks and remissions
  • Keeping accurate excise records and registers
  • Accredited Customs Brokers

Tailored Sea and Air Freight solutions for beverages and materials

HAR001_Small Home Page Images_160307_V2.jpgThe various types of beverages: beer, wine, spirits, fruit juice (fresh and frozen); and packaging: glass, cans, kegs, casks or Flexi-bags, all require specific shipping and storage solutions. 

We have the experience to determine and arrange the appropriate mode of transport and the relevant equipment to maintain the integrity of your beverages.


Our services include:

  • Time-sensitive shipments for limited time promotions or seasonal spikes
  • Samples or small order deliveries
  • Refrigerated shipping (reefer) and temperature storage conditions to maintain product quality
  • Temperature-controlled transport and storage of bottles and liquids
  • Flexi-bags and ISO tank containers
  • Special packaging for fragile products, premium wines and liquor
  • Cargo management, including heavy shipment loads
  • Supplier consolidation for cost-effective transportation 
  • Coordinated supply of materials, such as hops, malt, yeast, bottles, bottle caps, labels, etc..

Warehousing solutions for beverages

Ideal storage conditions are crucial when it comes to maintaing the full quality of your beverages. We provide the warehouses and storage which perfectly match the specific requirements of your cargo.

Our solutions include:

  • Multi temperature storage: frozen, chilled, ambient, humidity-controlled
  • Fully air-conditioned warehouses
  • Bonded and free warehouses
  • Secure rack and bulk storage
  • Full container storage
  • Inventory management
  • Effective stock rotation to maintain quality and consistency

Value-added services for the beverage industry

No need to leave the supply chain for packing, re-packing or consolidating. We offer value-added services, which are tailored to your specific requirements and can save you time and money:

  • Competitive cargo insurance
  • Import clearance
  • Labelling, bundling, stamping
  • Packing, palletising
  • PoS handling
  • Blast freezing
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Consolidating orders from multiple suppliers
  • Vessel chartering