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Our Company Values and Company Mission

Our Company Mission

We can only be successful if our clients are successful, that's why at Henning Harders we want to:

Provide the best personalised international supply chain.

While this Company Mission provides guidance for the future, our Company Values describe how we do things on a daily basis. Together, our mission and our values enable us to balance continuity and change and innovation in an ever evolving business environment.

At Henning Harders, we get to work for some of the world's biggest brands. These companies trust us to move their goods efficiently and punctually. And they rely on our high level of service and our expertise, which allows them to focus on their business rather than having to worry about supply chain issues. 

Our relationship with clients is built on trust and continuity. This means that everybody at Henning Harders - whether they work in Management or in the Warehouse - acts and behaves in a way that is typical Henning Harders. 

Our Company Values

Mutual Success
It all starts with teamwork and positive working relationships. We combine our efforts for the benefit of each employee, the company and our customers. We communicate openly, listen closely to the needs of our customers and respond with exceptional service.

We ask ourselves "why not" and - even if challenges might be complex - we respond with solutions. We challenge the status quo for superior outcomes and we share our ideas and solutions. 

Driven by Passion
We share a passion and a positive "can do" attitude, which exceeds expectations. At Henning Harders, we rely on responsibility and proud ownership. Taking ownership has nothing to do with education, rank or position – your part matters and your commitment makes a difference.

The Extra Mile
We learn about our customers' business and we exceed expectations by going the extra mile. We provide an exceptional level of care and competence, which makes us the trusted partner for our customers. 

Disciplined Approach
We understand that delivering successful results consistently requires a disciplined approach, persistence and a high level of professionalism. We do as we promise and we are reliable at all times.